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Chris Woollams Annual UK Speech


Chris Woollams will be giving his annual UK speech entitled, ‘Cancer is Reversible – Increasing your personal odds of cancer survival’ on Sunday October 20th at the Hilton Bracknell.

This has become a sell-out event; a one-off from the man who ‘put integrative oncology on the map in the UK‘, according to one UK doctor.

Each year he moves the speech on, covering all the latest developments, research and ideas that you can incorporate into your personal cancer-fighting programme RIGHT NOW. He’s not interested

2019 will be no exception. In the first hour, Chris will be clearing up the confusion and explaining in a simple and an understandable way such hot topics as ‘Fasting and Cancer’, ‘The best Epigenetic compounds’, ‘A cancer diet – plant-based, Gerson, Budwig, Ketogenic, or something better?’ and ‘Repurposed old drugs in cancer‘.

After the break, he will talk for a second hour and run you quickly through about a dozen cancers – it’s a ‘Speed Session’ where you are sure to learn an enormous amount. We will even be taking questions from the audience. On the day, as always, you can be sure there will be people in the room that Chris has helped beat all their survival predictions.

Because of the sheer demand for tickets, we have learned to provide a morning session starting promptly at 10.30 and a repeat in the afternoon starting at 2.30.

Be clear; Chris repeats the two hours because THIS SPEECH SELLS OUT!!! And quickly.


Date: Sunday, October 20th 2019

Venue: The Hilton Hotel, Bracknell

To buy tickets for the morning session, Registration 10.00, Speech 10.30 – 13.00: Go to: BOOK MORNING TICKETS NOW

To buy tickets for the afternoon session, Registration 14.00, Speech 14.30 – 17.00: Go to: BOOK AFTERNOON TICKETS NOW

As always, we’re sure Chris will be highly informative, humorous, and easy to understand, cutting through all science jargon and research speak and spelling out the conclusions clearly and concisely.

“I look forward to seeing so many of my friends yet again and welcoming many newcomers. I promise you will find this totally beneficial, interesting and fun.”  

                                                                                            Chris Woollams