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Chris Woollams one-to-one, Cancer Consultations

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Chris Woollams One-to-one Cancer Consultations:

A personal two hour cancer consultation with Chris Woollams on Zoom will help you make far more informed decisions and extend your understanding of all your options, allowing you to increase your personal odds of survival and secure the best outcome.

You will receive a personal programme – a report – tailored to you, your situation and your individual cancer, complete with supporting research. Indeed, the whole chat is based on research evidence.

Chris also gives you options so you can choose those you know you can do!

Empowering you with science

Chris Woollams (M.A. Oxon) has an Oxford University degree in Biochemistry including time specialising in cancer research. Since 2002 he has investigated and researched all cancers for UK Charity CANCERactive. He is on their Medical Board.

Importantly, patients talk about how friendly, understanding and compassionate he is, and how he is really positive and involving during the consultations.

Clearing up the Confusion

Too many uniformed people writing far too many unscientific articles on the Internet has just created widespread confusion in cancer patients looking, often urgently, for the right answers for their own situation and their particular cancer. This is not helped by Doctors and Oncologists who refuse to acknowledge anything other than the treatments available in their Hospital, or misleading claims about worthless alternative treatments from clinics or writers taking a hidden ‘commission’.

“Chris doesn’t treat cancer – he treats people. He just helps them build the body they should have had; and a stronger body helps weaken cancer’s progression.”

Chris Woollams explains the science simply, in an easy to understand and friendly way so you are very clear about all your personal evidence-based options and their relative merits.

 No vested interests

If Woollams suggests a statin or a supplement, you can be sure he is not making money from the supplier. Equally, if he suggests Proton Beam Therapy or HIFU over Radiotherapy or surgery, you can be sure he is doing it 100% in your best interests. He receives nothing from any hospital or clinic.

For example, NICE in the UK has approved two treatments for newly diagnosed Prostate cancer patients – surgery and radiotherapy. That’s it.

In fact, within just a few hours from London, there are 8 (yes, eight!!) medically approved treatments available, all backed by the latest science evidence. You can be sure that Chris will explain your options and their relative merits, without any bias or vested interest.

Unbiased Science

Chris is equally happy making suggestions for Complementary and Integrative programmes around your oncologist’s plan. He works with oncologists. He suggests oncologists to go and talk to. But if you want a totally alternative approach he can also tell you which treatments have science to support them, and which have none. It’s your call. At the start he always asks what you want him to do!

Building a Complementary and Integrative Programme

Chris Woollams firmly believes that first you need to turn a body conducive to cancer into a body conducive to health so the cancer finds it much harder to thrive. And he believes programmes beat cancer; rarely (if ever) does a single treatment.

First, he helps you build a thorough science-based programme, which will involve everything from diet to stress management, and from healing your microbiome to supplements. Then, if needed, he will review the most relevant treatments such as tailored immunotherapy, ablation, off-label drugs or IVC; always focusing of the most effective and least invasive options. Just recently he explained HIPEC to a patient. Told she would be having it in 6 weeks time, no one at the Hospital had explained what it was!!

Whatever you need to know about, after a chat with Chris, you can return to your oncologist more informed, more empowered and with more treatment options.

Why is it done on Zoom? Because Chris lives in Thailand and he has helped people from America, Canada, South America, Hong kong, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. It is simple and it works – all you do is click a link from a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Nothing could be easier.

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