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How Vitamin D is crucial to beating Covid-19

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How Vitamin D is crucial to beating Covid-19
Serum vitamin D level is linked to the severity of Covid-19, according to a new study, and less than 1 in 8 people in Britain and the USA have anything like recommended levels in their blood system.

Vitamin D levels

In a study (1) on 212 adults at the outset of Covid in South East Asia, three levels of plasma Vitamin D were categorised:

* Plasma vitamin D below 20 ng/ml – deficient

* Plasma vitamin D between 21 and 29 ng/ml – insufficient

* Plasma levels above 30 – normal.

Recommended levels of Vitamin D

It should be noted that in the UK – 80% of adults on diagnosis with cancer are in the under 20 ng/ml level, and the NHS recommends 35-40 ng/ml as normal.

USA recommended levels are above 40 ng/ml.

Boston Medical School, who are probably the world experts on Vitamin D under Professor Holick, have consistently advocated levels above 70 ng/ml as important for immune health.

Sunshine or supplementation of vitamin D

If you can go in the sun exposing your body for 90 minutes to 2 hours, do. If not, supplement with 2,500 IUs a day. People with cancer should take twice this level. Drugs also damage levels.

There is very, very little in food – Cod Liver Oil being the highest, but still a modest, source.

Severity of Covid greater, the lower your vitamin D

Results of the study:

88% of all cases where vitamin D levels were above 30 ng/ml and deemed ‘normal’ were mild.

73% of cases where vitamin D levels were below 20ng/ml and deemed deficient were severe or critical.

Of the total cases studied:

* 23% were critical, average vitamin D level was 17ng/ml

* 26% were severe, average vitamin D level was 21ng/ml

* 28% were ordinary, average vitamin D level was 27ng/ml

* 23% were mild, average vitamin D level was 29ng/ml

The American Population

Only 13% of the total population has over 40ng/ml in their blood stream, the American recommended plasma level. That’s about 1 in every 8 people. Black Americans are the worst group with just 6% at this recommended level. That’s only 1 in 17 people.

In Chicago twice as many Blacks died from Covid-19 as their share of population.

Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist said, “For 15 years now we have been writing how health bodies like Cancer Research UK telling people to stay out of the sun is sheer lunacy. Holick and four other American experts recently launched a study, accusing such health bodies of being responsible for 300,000 premature deaths a year in the USA.

Just understand this. You can take all the immune boosting supplements you want from vitamin C, to echinacea, grape seed extract and vitamin E. But your immune cells cannot attack a pathogen until they each pick up a vitamin D molecule. Vitamin D is essential – It arms the immune system’s attack.”

Go to: Experts slam past advice to stay out of the sun

Measurement issues with vitamin D

Beware – some Hospitals measure your vitamin D levels in mmol/L. This is about 2.5 times higher. So, 40 mmol/L, which seems high, is actually only 16 ng/ml and indicates deficiency.

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