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Recurrent tonsilitis

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Recurrent tonsillitis can be a big problem, especially in younger people. The primary cause was traditionally thought to be a straight forward infection in the throat and tonsils. Now it seems that infection might start a little further afield. The standard treatment of antibiotics make matters worse as we will see.

Here is a reply from Chris Woollams to a recent letter from a mother about her 13-year old daughter who is constantly getting tonsilitis – What to do??

“Catherine, my daughter who died of a brain tumour, used to have tonsilitis and mouth ulcers a lot. So did I, and so did my third daughter Stephanie.

In Catherine’s case we believe the regular doses of antibiotics damaged her friendly gut bacteria which are essential for a strong immune system and stopping the rise of bad bacteria and viruses. When she had blood tests she was shown to have both bad yeasts and a virus in her brain.

In my case I had my tonsils out at 32. In Stephie’s case we now manage her gut, which has stopped the tonsilitis returning.

Stephie once arrived in Thailand at my house and announced she needed to go to the doctors in the morning to get antibiotics as shd had tonsilitis. I gave her three pills – Pau d’Arco, caprylic acid, and some probiotics. She ate a meal with garlic and vegetables. The next morning she had no tonsilitis.

It is my belief that toxins from the gut along with microbial infection cause tonsilitis. When you take probiotics you kill the good guys in your stomach. One of their functions is to eat the yeasts and microbes at night while you sleep – yeasts and microbes that came in on your food during the day.

Pau d’Arco, caprylic acid, oregano oil, garlic – all kill yeasts. A particularly effective herb is wormwood.

Probiotics containing acidophilus and bifidobacteria bacteria, if fed properly with pectins (carrots and apples) and inulin (onions and chicory), multiply in the gut and can hold the bad guys in check, reducing toxin production.

UK doctors have been told not to prescribe antibiotics for tonsilitis any more. They don’t know exactly why though – it is all in my new book ‘The secret source of your good health’ (call 0203 186 1006).

So, no more antibiotics.

Instead take a daily probiotic and lots of vegetables. In the short term take the herbs I listed above. In the longer term give her a little raw cows’ milk (you can get raw French cheese in Waitrose), and foods like sauerkraut from a German delicatessen. Sourdough bread and apple cider vinegar should be staples in your cupboard. All these foods increase the diversity of the gut bacteria.

Most importantly cut all added sugar from the diet. No fizzy soft drinks, ice cream, jams, chocolate, biscuits etc. Yeasts love sugar.

I hope this helps. Certainly, this programme should stop the reoccurence of tonsilitis. It has worked in our family.

Good probiotics come straight from the manufacturer so there is little chance of the bacteria being dead. They also have different strains of the bacteria mentioned above.”