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Resveratrol helps fight cancer and ageing

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Professor Paul Schimmel M.D. and Mathew Sajish, a senior research associate, of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in La Jolla, California have shown a new mechanism for how reseveratol (the natural bioactive compound of red grape skins) actually works and how it fights cancer and ageing.

In the 22nd December 2014 issue of Nature, they show that resveratrol can turn on the ‘stress response’ at a much lower level than previously thought.

TSRI scientists have shown that a tRNA synthatase (TyrRS) links an amino acid (tyrosine) to the DNA that codes for it. And during stressful conditions TyrRS moves to the cell nucleus to protect the DNA. Resveratrol apparently does almost exactly the same job targeting TyrRS and making it go to the nucleus rather than work elsewhere. Inside the nucleus, this formation activates a stress response protector PARP-1, which in turn activates the tumour suppressing p53 gene and the longevity genes FOXO3A and SIRT6.

Schimmel added that this could be just the tip of the iceberg. He feels there could be even more potent natural compounds yet to be discovered that can provide all manner of corrective heath benefits..