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Stress and tension causes food cravings

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Stress and tension causes food cravings

Researchers from Perth, Western Australia have shown that individuals with higher stress and tension had more cravings for sweet foods and fast food.

There have been previous studies indicating that people with anxiety and stress; here this study reviewed 142 men and women looking at daily issues in a food survey across 7 days.

Individuals with higher stress and tension on a day, had greater cravings for sweets and fast foods; individuals with higher tension levels also consumed more of them; not just sweet and fast food cravings, but higher carbs/starchy food consumption occurred on stressful days(1).

Stress and tension is known to be linked to gut microbiome make up; certain bacteria are more prevalent; and people with higher levels of yeasts and E. coli in their gut microbiomes are known to have a sweet tooth. This study is further evidence for these facts.



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