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The dangers of Poor Sleep


Here we look at what research tells us about the health dangers associated with poor sleep.

1. You get dumbed-down. People don’t think straight, become less productive and make poorer decisions. They get lazier – so don’t worry as much about what they eat, what they drink and they forsake the trip to the gym. You also become more forgetful.

2. You are more at risk of an accident. For example, road traffic data in the USA shows 100,000 accidents and 1550 crash related deaths due to tiredness last year. Accidents in the work place are more common too.

3. You are more at risk of cancer. Disturbed sleep patterns and poor sleep lower melatonin in the body. This has been linked, for example, to a greater risk of prostate cancer in men, and a greater risk of breast cancer in women.

4. You are more at risk of other chronic illness, like:
a. Dementia
b. Stroke
c. Heart disease
d. Heart attack
e. High Blood Pressure
f. Irregular heart beat
g. Diabetes

5. Your sex drive wanes, especially if you are male. There are a number of studies now on sleep deprivation; all show those males who were only allowed 5 hours a night saw their testosterone levels fall by 10-15 per cent and energy levels progressively decline.

6. Your longevity declines. Yes, your risk of death from any cause, rises. Whatever your age.

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