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15 early warning signs you have a gut problem

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15 early warning signs you have a gut problem

Few people believe they have a problem in their gut. “Yes, I know someone with IBS or Crohn’s, but not me, I’m fine”.

The good guys in your gut make so many compounds that help your health. The bad bacteria make toxins. The problem is your gut gets ill and then you get ill. And trouble can be brewing for years, then suddenly it catches up with you.

So let me give you some early warning signs:

1. You get bouts of constipation
2. You occasionally have diarrhoea from something you ate
3. You sometimes have bad breath
4. You wake up some days and feel tired for no apparent reason
5. You get bloated after meals
6. You sometimes get thrush or cystitis
7. You get mouth ulcers
8. You occasionally have a rash or acne
9. You get an allergy sometimes
10. You have asthma
11. You sometimes have a blocked sinus
12. You have a sweet tooth, or you get sugar cravings
13. Your weight fluctuates
14. You have mood swings; you get depressed
15. You get sick a lot

Any one of these can be a sign that you have lost commensal bacteria, and pathogens are more numerous than they should be. Yeasts could be an issue, or even an out and out parasite – it’s easier to get one than you imagine.

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Your gut lining could be damaged; yeasts could also have made small holes in the gut wall.

It’s time to Heal your Gut.

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