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Chris Woollams Gut Health Consultations

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An Invitation to The Sunday Show – from Chris Woollams

Chris Woollams can help your rebuild your gut to restore both your gut health and your overall health, overcoming leaky gut, IBS, parasites, chronic fatigue syndrome, skin problems and worse.

Chris, a former Oxford University Biochemist, has been involved with experts specialising in the Microbiome since 2005 when he wrote his first article on the gut microbiome and colorectal cancer, entitled ‘Mother’s Little Helpers’. He had worked out, even then, that the population of your gut could make you ill and was probable capable of restoring your health.

From 2006 onwards he co-wrote articles with European microbiologists, then with Gut and candida expert, the late Gerald Green. He closely followed the Human Microbiome Project in the USA, the SYNCAN study in Europe and has consulted with experts from Harvard to Australia.

In 2011 he authored the book ‘The Secret Source of your Good Health’ about how the microbiome controlled your physical health and your mental health. In 2013, he moved on and authored ‘Heal your Gut – Heal your Body’, which explains not just the microbiome’s crucial role as a fundamental cause of illnesses from Alzheimer’s to cancer, from allergies to IBS, and from fibromyalgia to cardiovascular disease, but it also explains how to go about fixing the problem.

Importantly, the book includes a program on ‘How to rebuild your gut’. It’s not just about the problem. It tells you the solution!

Gut health consultations

Chris Woollams offers consultations to help people rebuild their gut and tackle IBS, Crohn’s, Candida albicans, Helicobacter pylori, leaky gut and much more – such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, skin allergies, asthma, intolerances – conditions that are increasingly frequent and causing increasing concern. Worse, they can and do lead to serious illness such as Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease and cancer, if not corrected. Did you know, for example, that life threatening pancreatic cancer has been linked to a molecule MBL on the surface of a yeast?

Of course, what Chris does is nothing new. A chap called Hippocrates started all this 2,500 years ago and even then told the world that, “All illness starts in the gut’.

Chris has developed a ‘Gut rebuild’ program that he can personalise for each patient, and, if you want more, he is also in contact with hospitals and experts who can offer such specialist treatments as fecal transplants.

The conversations with him take place on Zoom. You can click a simple link on your phone, PC or tablet from anywhere in the world.

You can read what people who have used his consultation service say here.

For more information and to book an appointment –

E mail: [email protected]