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Gut rebuild with Chris Woollams – feedback and comments

Gut rebuild, Chris Woollams

Read real comments and feedback from people who have had a Gut Rebuild programme built by Chris Woollams explaining what they got from his help, what they thought about it at the time, and in many cases how they now feel a number years later. To find out more contact chrismeanshealth@gmail.com


Thanks so much for sorting out my daughter’s gut problems. I know they were terrible because there were days when she came to stay with us that she almost couldn’t get off the loo. She is so much better now. It took 9 months but it was well worth it. Thanks a million. (RJ France)
Dear Chris,
After we did ‘the kill’ I must say I was really surprised when you suggested a Fecal Transplant. It seemed so extreme! But, I’ve done it and 6 months on I’m fantastic. You were absolutely right to kill off all the bad guys before = the doctor endorsed that. So, thanks for this. One less problem to worry about. By the way, the guys at Johns Hopkins were great. They know all about you ow. BT (Seattle, USA)
Dear Chris, 
Ican’t thank you enough. For the first time in years, gluten and lactose hold no fears, my energy has improved no end and the stomach cramps have gone completely. I can’t believe that 15 months ago doctors were suggesting an operation and we did it all with supplements and diet! Have a peaceful Christmas. You deserve it. Maggie, Tunbridge Wells UK.