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Olive oil changes gut and metabolic health


The type of fat you consume alters your gut microbiome and exerts a major role in the development of metabolic syndrome.

A team of Spanish researchers (1) fed mice one of two Diets – one high in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), the other high in butter (BD). A third group was fed a Standard Diet(SD).

An analysis was then made after certain time lengths – both for gut composition and biochemical features.

The EVOO diet produced higher total cholesterol, but lower insulin and leptin levels. This was linked to higher levels of Desulfovibrio, (cholesterol) and Sutterellaceae,
Marispirillum and Mucilaginibacter dageonensis (leptin). In contrast the butter diet mice had higher blood pressure.

Leptin is the ‘master’ hormone that controls weight.

The Standard Diet produced the lowest total cholesterol levels which was linked to higher levels of Prevotella and Fusicatenibacter.

You really are what your gut bacteria eat!

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