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Study links gut bacteria to Parkinson’s disease


A study from the University of Helsinki has shown that an inbalance of gut bacteria may lie behind Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Filip Scheperjans and team at the Neurology Clinic of Helsinki University found hardly any members of the bacterial family Prevotellaceae in the gut of the Parkinson’s patients they tested, unlike the healthy humans. Also Enterobacteria were far more prevalent in the gut of Parkinson’s patients, and levels increased the more severe the illness.

Gut disturbance is a known bedfellow of Parkinson’s. Constipation, mouth ulcers and even excess of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach have all been associated with the development period of the illness. There is more covered in our book ‘The Secret Source of your Good Health’, which dealls with gut bacteria and their involvement in most diseases. Importantly the book tells you what action you can take.