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New research shows how to lose weight simply

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New research shows how to lose weight simply

Simple steps to lose weight naturally

Let’s be clear, being more than 7 kgs overweight (depending upon which research study you read) can increase your risks of cancer by 40-60 per cent. Then there are issues with your heart and organs such as kidneys. If you are more than 12 kgs overweight and you also smoke, research shows that you cut 13 years off your life expectancy.

Did you find that shocking?

Excess fat can produce an aggressive form of  the sex hormone oestrogen via proteins called aromatase enzymes. In women AND men. This hormone (oestradiol, or estradiol) is linked to cancer, and also sex changes in humans and animals, prostate problems, endometriosis, and cancers like prostate cancer, colorectal and brain tumours not just breast cancer.

But fat is a wonderful solvent – and it will dissolve and thus store chemical toxins in the body – chemicals you would rather have excreted.

Weight control – calories and exercise?

The good news is that it is never too late to lose weight. But too many ‘experts’ tell you weight control is about your calorie balance. You eat foods containing calories – a man should consume 2500 a day; a woman about 1,800. And you burn calories through strenuous exercise in the gym.

But that’s no so true. In fact, it’s more about the type of foods you eat, and even the traditional view of exercise (Remember ‘Going for the burn’?) is wrong.

Exercise – it doesn’t have to be strenuous, but it does have to be daily, and ideally first thing in the morning – walk, yoga, T’ai Chi Anything for 30-40 minutes that gets you moving. Exercise has a number of important benefits; most notably it promotes heart health and lymph movement. But, while consistent exercise over months will build muscle at the expense of fat, just 12 minutes exercise will result in you starting to dissolve visceral fat inside your body. What’s this? It’s a nasty internal fat that surrounds your internal organs and bathes them in a sea of toxins. Just 12 minutes exercise will start to liquefy it and move those toxins away. For more on exercise, CLICK HERE .

Diet – all the latest research has shown that the issue is not just about cutting calories; it is about eating the right foods. The colourful Mediterranean Diet (Chris Woollams’ The Rainbow Diet book) with newly diagnosed type-2 Diabetes patients kept the drugs at bay far better than the standard ‘lose weight/eat a low fat diet’ doctors recommend. Even though both diets contained the same levels of calories!

In research with older women over an 11 year period, strict adherence to the Rainbow Diet kept them free of 11 chronic illnesses; there is research on dementia, stress reduction, longevity and cancer too. The diet doesn’t just protect – it corrects.

Incredibly, people contact us with illness problems describing themselves as ‘a little chubby’ when, in reality, they are 20 kgs overweight.

Be honest with yourself. No one will tell you off. It is your life and we want you to make the most of it – fill it with colour and vitality.

You can do it – you can lose weight:

  1. Make a commitment
  2. Choose healthier foods
  3. Take light daily exercise – every day
  4. Be realistic – you may only lose 1 kg a week for the first few months. But from the first minute, your health is improving. Persevere.