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Ten foods to help you lose weight

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Ten foods to help you lose weight

Ten foods to help you lose weight

Research shows that certain foods can definitely help you lose weight, according to new study covered in BMJ.

The study involved 124,086 Health Professionals across the USA over some 24 years. The study looked at the benefits of flavonoid compounds and subclasses.

What we found was that certain sub-classes like anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins were particularly effective. And the more you ate, the more weight you seem to lose!

Several flavonoid subclasses have been shown to lower energy intake, increase glucose uptake in muscle in vivo, and decrease glucose uptake in adipose tissue in vitro.

Among fruits, an increased intake of the following lost you weight:

1.    Blueberries

2.    Apples

3.    Pears

4.    Prunes

5.    Strawberries

6.    Grapes

Among vegetables it was an increased intake of

7.    Peppers

8.  Celery

9.  Onions

Finally, a whole area of study linked to a lowering of fat deposits involved EGCG in

10.               Green Tea


Ref: http://www.bmj.com/content/352/bmj.i17

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